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Slutty Ventriloquist Dolls

I’m doing this thing where I create a cartoon in response to a newsletter and found that it is easiest to respond to a funny newsletter by itself, adding a hopefully funny afterthought. It’s a lot harder for “serious” newsletters, as the cartoon can come off as criticizing the original newsletter. Unless the article criticizes something the cartoon can poke fun at, too.

Today’s response was to this fabulous newsletter , which is of the funny variety, by A. Natasha Joukovsky.

She introduces us to a type of cartoon I had not seen before: the recursive cartoon. And then my response was to her newsletter, which is a response to cartoons, which is a response to matryoshka dolls. Someone may respond to my newsletter. And the idea for this recursive ventriloquist cartoon was born.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already done this cartoon idea. And if someone else will do one in the future. And again. And again. And...

cartoon about a recursive ventrilloquist

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