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Using Hidden Pages To Promote Your Website?

Could this be an excellent way to generate traffic to your website? You create a web page that is useful to certain people and wait for Google to send traffic to that page. Then you add subtle links *cough*ads*cough* to your main page on these pages.March 4, 2021

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Artists Should Have A Website

Instagram went from the edgy-cool kid on the block, a micro-blogging site where you could show off the best parts of your life a bit, to an un-cool shopping mall.

And that is the crucial thing to take away from that: it is their platform and not yours to control. Social media platforms can, and they do, change their platform into anything they like without your consent and in a heartbeat.

February 28, 2021

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Announcing my first illustrated play performance!

I noticed that it was hard for me to keep track of who was who while reading plays. This, to me, suggested a path as illustrations can enhance clarity. What if we were to use drawn avatars for the characters instead of their names?February 24, 2021

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Knowing When To Quit As An Artist

I don't agree with that, in that I feel that each thing you make should be a prototype for the next thing you try. Yes, it is done. You finished that prototype. That means you should continue to make the next prototype. You are striving for perfection, one prototype after the next. Otherwise, what would be the point of it all! To make mediocre stuff?February 5, 2021

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New Youtube Video On Whether I Think Instagram Is Still Useful To Artists

A Youtube video I just uploaded. Draw along with me!

draw with me video

January 28, 2021

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Artists On Current Events

When we create art, it responds to something, and we decide to what it responds. We get to decide what media, art, news, or literature we consume and respond to as artists. January 28, 2021

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Does art need to be made by humans?

This week, I looked around for interesting blogs to follow, and I was blown away by the quality of work put out there!January 22, 2021

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Why I Am Switching From Instagram To Blogging

At a certain moment, the account grew 1500 followers a day, just out of nothing. I wasn't even using hashtags. Instagram had decided to show my posts to many, many, many people on their Explore feed.January 17, 2021

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A Fresh Start!

This is the first post on my new blog. I decided to start from scratch. I used to have a blog over at one of my websites, Practice Drawing ThisLoading.... The blog basically consisted of newsletters I had sent before through that website.January 16, 2021

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