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Cartoon Published!

a cartoon of mine that was published

I got a cartoon published! It’s for the quarterly newspaper of a society of artists in Amsterdam that I am a member of.

They started a new publication and were looking for submissions. It’s a huge opportunity to get your work in front of people who are important in the cultural scene in Amsterdam.

The society has many old-time members and wants to appeal to and attract younger, new members. I have been a member for only a few years myself. I marvel at the conventions and peculiarities of this society, and devoting a few cartoons to things I notice that older members might not see anymore is an idea.

This cartoon is about the billiard table in the middle of an area that the society also tries to use for DJ events where people can dance. The billiard table has much history, but is it suitable for modern audiences to take up that much space in a central area?

I have some more cartoon ideas for this publication; watch this space! It is motivating to see your work in print. I hadn’t realized how much it would energize me to make more of these, and I’ve been busy filling sketchbook pages with new cartoon ideas ever since the newspaper arrived in my mailbox.

Shoutout to two other illustrators who also illustrate for the publication: Eva Gans ( Instagram , website ) and Gabriel Kousbroek ( Instagram , website ) and Fokke en Sukke ( Instagram , website ). Their line art is surprisingly similar to mine—all three of us clearly like to take a pen for a walk. The publication is arriving at a house style for the illustrations.

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