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Submitting To A New Paper

I am a member of an older artists' society! It's a fantastic place. They count huge names among their members.

The society needs help attracting younger members at the moment. They have a billiard table which the older members appreciate, but they are also trying to throw parties for the younger generations, with DJs and music and dancing.

young and old being a member of the same club

(I sent in this cartoon but have yet to hear back from them.)

I am one of the younger generations.

They re-started their magazine--now a newspaper--after Covid, with new editors. They called out for submissions, explicitly also requesting cartoons! I am a cartoonist. That was an excellent opportunity to have my cartoons seen by the cultural elite, the hoi polloi of my area.

So I sent in some cartoons.

After two weeks, it turned out that my email had been captured in their spam filter. So I came up with this cartoon:

a cartoon about the insanity of spam filters

On a side note, isn't it wild that we let a computer filter out messages meant for us? Imagine if the postal service worked with a spam filter, looking at the envelope and deciding that you don't want this letter.

I'm a bit afraid to send in more cartoons. I hadn't realized this before, but I am new there, and you can get disbarred from that society if you offend someone over there, and cartoons can sometimes offend people. So I'll be laying low for a while.

cartoon of a man drawing a door

I am looking forward to seeing where that goes, though!

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