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Announcing my first illustrated play performance!

I am excited to announce the first play for which I made illustrations.

I have been searching for a path into the world of plays. And for a way to engage with them through my art. The first attempts were to adapt them to comics form. This artistic exploration was not a success at first. Plays don't lend themselves easily to the adaptation to that form, as each panel needs to be visually arresting.

The theater is a much more contemplative art form.

I noticed that it was hard for me to keep track of who was who while reading plays. This, to me, suggested a path as illustrations can enhance clarity. What if we were to use drawn avatars for the characters instead of their names?

Also, illustrations may take on the burden of interpreting the script, taking on the role of dramaturg, costume designer, stage designer to present a performance as an interpreter by one artist.

The name “Illustrated Play Performances” is what I arrived at in the end, as it is useful to consider it closer to a performance than a script. If one sees it as a performance, an interpretation and contemplation of the original, in a way, alterations to the original text arguably become defensible, as the piece is presented in a form different from the one originally intended by the playwright—the stage play. On the stage, one has to consider the rhythm of the spoken word as the dialogue unfolds in time, whereas when written down, one has to consider the abstract shapes the texts form in the two dimensions that span the page. They are fundamentally different representations that demand a different compositional treatment.

You can see the plays under the Plays tab at the top. There, you will find the first play I have given this treatment: “The Incompatibles” by Horace Holley.

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