Quote Illustrations

Fated to Meet You

Despoina Kemeridou (Twitter)

A lovely magical historical romance novel.

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About my work

I create illustrations designed to be combined with quotes. You can see a few examples on this page.

Deafening Silence

Rowan Thalia (Twitter)

A steamy reverse harem romance thriller.

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About me

My name is Ayal Pinkus and I am based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I have also been a programmer for more than thirty-five years.

Starting in 2008, I became fascinated with beautiful pen and ink drawings, and from then on, I went on a long, eclectic journey to find out how they were made. This endeavor took me through art academies, online courses, and studies of many masters of the past.

Over time, I drew a lot of inspiration from many, many artists, including Joseph Clement Coll, Moebius, Francois Schuiten, Didier Comes, Hugo Pratt, Milo Manara, Mike Mignola, Cosey, Jacques Tardi, Andreas, Sergio Toppi, Winsor McCay, Alfonse Mucha, Luke Parker, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, Andrew Maclean, Joe Dellagatta, Lorenzo Mattotti, Mark Hendriks, Dino Battaglia, Geof Darrow, Gabriel Rodríguez and many more.

I was also lucky enough to have three ancestors who were great artists! Gottfried Kirchbach, who was my grandmother's father, but also his father Frank Kirchbach and his father Ernst Kirchbach who was the head of an art academy in Chile.

All three of them created paintings that told stories and drew illustrations for stories printed in books. I also recognize some parts of my style in their work. It is an enormous honor to study their work and to, with that, make them my mentors. I feel connected with them when I study their work to learn from it.

I was inspired by the beautiful pen and ink drawings they published in books in the past, and I want to find out if such images could also serve a purpose online. However, programming is still my passion and so I find myself writing programs that take over a part of the creative process for me. For example, the stipple drawings are done by the computer.

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

The Earl's Secret Treasure

Nicole Renee (Twitter)

A wonderful historical romance story.

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Custom illustrations

I do custom illustrations to go with quotes from novels. I do them for free because

  1. I am still not sure I can pull this off.
  2. I am not sure if it actually helps book sales.
  3. I don't have to accept tight deadlines, and can bow out of a collaboration if it doesn't seem to be working.

Please feel free to email me, I might have time to create custom illustrations.